Job opportunity

Data Scientist

Closing date: 14 October 2016

We are looking for candidates to help us make the most of the opportunities Meter data offers. This will include:

  • Handling large amounts of data including personal and sensitive information
  • Developing software to interact with and interrogate data
  • Develop visualisation tools to explore and highlight patterns in the data
  • Contribute towards the development of research methods. Advise on data collection in controlled groups; estimation of sample size requirements and validation of approach
  • Automate analysis, validation, sanitisation and processing of raw data
  • Ensuring data is held securely, guard against data loss of unauthorised access
  • Engage with study participants
  • Work dynamically as part of a small team on a range of tasks

To find out more about the role, selection criteria and the University of Oxford, please visit

Doctoral research opportunity

Understanding patterns of household activities and electricity use

Supervisors: Prof Nick Eyre and Dr Philipp Grunewald

We are looking for candidates develop the qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse the project’s data and combine or contrast these with other studies. Doctoral students will be embedded into a thriving interdisciplinary energy research environment.

For more information contact Philipp Grunewald.

Doctoral research opportunity

Multivariate electricity use data analysis

Supervisors: Prof Malcolm McCulloch and Dr Philipp Grunewald

The candidate is expected to develop and apply analytical tools and methods to identify sequences, patterns and visualise relationships emerging from the data. This doctoral research will create fruitful links between energy research activities across divisions at the University of Oxford.

For more information contact Philipp Grunewald.

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May 2017

Activity data published

Activity diagram

Activity data presented at ECEEE conference in France

January 2017

No more paperwork

Diary App

The new app is now in use to make recording activities easy and fun.

December 2016

We have a winner


Penny W. from London has won one year free electricity. Sign up now for a chance to win yours.

November 2016

Data Scientist appointed


Marina Diakonova has joined the Meter project. Her background in complexity science will help us in analysing the relationships between activities and electricity profiles.

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August 2016

Jessica turn diaries to data

Jessica has been a great help this summer coding up diaries and improving the app


July 2016

Adriano fixes phones

Adriano made some great advances in how we configure our phones


Power People May 2016

Power People Animation

This delightful animation explains why understanding our energy use matters for cheaper, safer and cleaner energy.

new eMeter Apr 2016

Win a year free electricity

Lucky participants have a chance to get their electricity paid for a year. Find out how

new eMeter
Mar 2016

Beautiful new eMeters

The new eMeters are ready! Much nicer and smaller design - with simple instructions for how to fit them to your electricity meter.

London. Tue, 12 Jan 2016

Select Committee

Dr Grunewald gives evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee hearing on Low carbon network infrastructure.
See evidence session.

Oxford. Wed, 9 Dec 2015

Expert workshop

30 leading UK experts meet in Oxford to give advice on METER research.
Read key messages