METER is a national research project to understand what we use electricity for. Take part in an exciting study and learn more about your own use patterns. Find out more.


Are EU's 900W vacuum cleaners really more efficient?

From now on the EU mandates vacuum cleaners to have less than 900W power. Does that actually make them more efficient?
Computer says: No, Reality: Yes. read more.


Is Flexibility the New Efficiency?

On 7 June 2017 around lunch time the UK generated the majority of its electricity from non-fossil fuels. That was the first time, the first time ever. It also was the time when wholesale prices for electricity plummeted to a tenth of their normal level. Still, our bills may not come down as a result. Time to rethink how we can take advantage of this new era of low cost electricity... read more.

Research background

What we know about electricity use in the UK

Does your fridge use more electricity than your washing machine? What activity is most energy demanding? Find out some surprising facts and some sobering ones...

Research background

The shape of UK electricity use

Why is peak demand such a problem? Read more about how the profile of electricity use has changed over the years.

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May 2017

Activity data published

Activity diagram

Activity data presented at ECEEE conference in France

January 2017

No more paperwork

Diary App

The new app is now in use to make recording activities easy and fun.

December 2016

We have a winner


Penny W. from London has won one year free electricity. Sign up now for a chance to win yours.

November 2016

Data Scientist appointed


Marina Diakonova has joined the Meter project. Her background in complexity science will help us in analysing the relationships between activities and electricity profiles.

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August 2016

Jessica turn diaries to data

Jessica has been a great help this summer coding up diaries and improving the app


July 2016

Adriano fixes phones

Adriano made some great advances in how we configure our phones


Power People May 2016

Power People Animation

This delightful animation explains why understanding our energy use matters for cheaper, safer and cleaner energy.

new eMeter Apr 2016

Win a year free electricity

Lucky participants have a chance to get their electricity paid for a year. Find out how

new eMeter
Mar 2016

Beautiful new eMeters

The new eMeters are ready! Much nicer and smaller design - with simple instructions for how to fit them to your electricity meter.

London. Tue, 12 Jan 2016

Select Committee

Dr Grunewald gives evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee hearing on Low carbon network infrastructure.
See evidence session.

Oxford. Wed, 9 Dec 2015

Expert workshop

30 leading UK experts meet in Oxford to give advice on METER research.
Read key messages

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under the Early Career Fellowship scheme. Ref. EP/M024652/1.